About Next Saturday

Hello Party People!

We are Hillary and Rebecka, the founders of Next Saturday. Two girls, living in LA, tired of the hassle of procuring party supplies and disgusted by the waste produced in the industry (Greta, we hear you girl). We started Next Saturday to make things a little easier and ultimately reduce waste. 

Why buy 50 napkins when you only need 30?

Plastic penis straws? No, thank you. 

As a female-founded company, we strive to make a difference. Next Saturday not only makes your party great, but also sets out to do better. Our goal is to make a difference in the party planning industry by focusing on our three ideals: sustainability, community, and convenience. We focus on sustainability by providing recyclable products and eliminating single-use plastics wherever we can; community is achieved through a revenue share with our non-profit partner, The Birthday Party Project; convenience is solved by providing a quality product to make your life a little easier.

Until Next Saturday, 

Rebecka & Hillary 

PS- We come by this job very honestly. We like to party. Most of the photos we have together are from, well, parties.. we promise to get professional photos once we start selling more boxes. (The last one is payback for Hillary going to Europe for 2 weeks while Rebecka built the website ;) )