The Convenience Factor - What's in the Next Saturday Party Box

When choosing items for the Next Saturday Party Box, convenience was our first goal. We started with choosing items that we enjoyed having at parties, accompanied with items from a survey we sent to our friends, and then set out to make the items sustainable. 

We included standard tableware and decorations and then added some set up and clean up favorites- putty to hang streamers and not ruin the walls (you're welcome, Airbnb host), hooks to hang balloons with string to avoid the hassle of getting helium (of which there's also a global shortage), a marker to label cups, and an eco-friendly trash bag to handle the aftermath of your successful party. 

We think we've thought of everything, but we're always looking for feedback. We'd love to hear what parts of the box you loved and what might be missing. Drop us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!